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Final Thoughts on OSDTT

In the past month, I participated in the Open-Source Digital Tools for Teaching seminar hosted by the Baruch Center for Teaching and Learning. Through hands of activities and demonstrations, I have become aware of and used a number of open-source digital tools such as Hypothesis, Omeka, Story Map JS, and Timeline JS. I was not aware of some of these tools. While not an expert in these tools, I was able to put together a few projects (you can see them here). My favorite tool by far is Timeline JS. I can see using this tool for historical overviews of theories in my Criminology class. Map JS could be a really helpful tool for my students in Crime and the Urban Community class where they collect photos, charts, and tables about their neighborhoods. I look forward to becoming more comfortable with these tools (there is a learning curve, as usual), and making my teaching richer and more visually interesting for my students. Thank you for this opportunity, OSDTT!

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I am Dr. Satenik Margaryan. I am an Assistant Professor in the Criminal Justice Program, Department of Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice at BMCC. I teach a number of courses in the program, including Criminology, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice and the Urban Community, Constitutional Law, and Corrections.

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